BRICK for Tuba and Electronics

Brett Copeland
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BRICK is a theme and variations based on the 1979 album “The Wall” from the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. The harmonic material and riffs are derived from the bass line heard in Another Brick in the Wall, of which the title BRICK refers to. The piece is built around that bass line, riffs and guitar effects heard on the album, and extended techniques like multi-phonics and other vocal effects aimed to emulate a squealing electric guitar. This piece is suitable for performances in recital halls, music festivals, garages…basically any venue that indulge a tubists’ dream to be a rockstar.

Written in 2015 and revised in 2020.

BRICK can be performed with or without the electronic component. The electronic effects heard are from Ableton Live and are controlled in performance with a MAX patch by the performer (or sound engineer).

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BRICK for Tuba and Electronics

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